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Safe one-on-one sessions to explore who you are and how you can create new possibilities

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Counseling plays a vital role in today’s day and age as people try to overcome challenges in their daily lives, no matter how big or small. At Heal & Revive we have a group of trained listeners and psychologists, who aim to help people through various counseling therapies- from actively listening to the challenges you face in any aspect of your life, to offering pointers to evaluate how best to overcome, heal and revive. All our online therapies and sessions are free of charge and a safe space for anyone to share their challenges. You will be connected to our trained compassionate listeners and psychologists based on your needs, factoring in your levels of emotional distress, to ensure you are fully supported and progressing towards the path of soul healing and revival. All our services are for free – no costs or charges will be incurred to you.

We cover the following counseling areas at present – Relationship, Trauma & Grief, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Career, Adolescent, LGBT+, Listening & Non-Directive, Parent-Child Relationship, Break-Up, Woman issues, ADHD, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Alcohol/Drug use, Bipolar, Boundaries, Bullying, Chronic pain, College/School life, Crisis Intervention, Cultural Diversity, Eating Disorder, Exercise Motivation, Life coach, Family stress, Finances, Forgiveness, Getting Unstuck, Hope, Covid Counselling, Loneliness, Managing emotions, new moms, OCD, Panic attacks, Parenting Help, Prenatal & Postnatal, Psychological First aid, Self harm, Sexual Abuse, Sleeping issues, Social anxiety, Senior Support, Domestic Assault, Traumatic experience, negative body image, Suicidal thoughts and still working on including many more areas!

We are here for you!

This project aims to help all in need, including seniors who feel alone and need a friend to chat with. Today, seniors after retirement can slip into depression because they don’t have anyone to talk to, they don’t know how to deal with this new chapter of their life, where once they were leading today they need support. This project helps them to talk to our listeners and give them a friend who will be there for them in this Golden stage of life.

This project also helps women in our society who don’t know who to share their struggles with. Women who are suffering from abuse or going through stress or just need someone to share their stories. We also help women who are going through legal battles by providing them with proper information and terminology about legal proceedings. We help them by connecting them with our lawyers who can help them with their queries and let them know how to proceed. We also help in searching for safe accommodation facilities, a rented place where they can stay if there is no one to help or support for them.

We also help students and teenagers who have got their own sufferings that they can’t share with their parents or friends – whether it may be ragging, education stress, family issues, friendships, peer pressure or some career advice. For them, this project gives them a listener and a guide, almost like a big brother or a sister.

Our listeners come from various parts of the world and from different cultures, races, religions and age groups. We train them with our listener training program before appointing them as listeners. Our listeners come from various professions, like lawyers, judges, bankers, professors, teachers and so on, who not only help people by providing them with listener therapy but also by helping them in their specific areas of expertise. We try to connect people with similar backgrounds together so they can help uplift each other. Presently we have 2 thousand listeners associated with our project. They are from different age groups and have different origins.

We contact people through various platforms: phone call, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Signal, Telegram and eMail. Users privacy is of utmost importance and hence no conversation will ever be recorded or stored or shared.

If, at any point, a person is not comfortable with the listener, they can send an email at our email: healnrevive@gmail.com and immediate action will be taken. But if a user misbehaves, we reserve the right to end support to protect our safe community.

This project is made for the betterment of our society and to let people know they are not alone. We believe in uplifting each other through this project, but we do not tolerate any type of misconduct.

Rest assured, any user information is totally safe with us, we only store contact details if you wish to be contacted by us for continued support. We won’t use your information anywhere outside of your support we provide. You may use an alias for your name should you wish to remain anonymous, but you need to provide the correct contact information – phone/email, so we can keep in touch if needed.

We will provide you form as an initial ask which once filled and submitted will help us connect you with an appropriate listener – who will contact you directly. At present we have more than 18 thousand people connected with us and still counting.

Again, we don’t take any fee, all services are free of cost, so sign up today if you feel you need support!