Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Heal & Revive right for me?
Heal & Revive may be right for you if you’re looking to improve the quality of your life. Whenever there is anything that interferes with
your happiness or prevents you from achieving your goals, we may be able to help. We also have therapists who specialize in specific
issues such as stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, depression, addictions, eating, sleeping, trauma, anger, family conflicts, LGBT
matters, grief, religion, self esteem, and more.

We believe that if something is bothering you it is far more beneficial to talk to an experienced Psychologist, who is non-judgemental and knowledgeable in
guiding you on how to make the right decision. There is no shame in talking, in fact it is matter of pride and intelligence to seek help from an expert.

How will I communicate with my Listener or psychologist?
You can communicate in multiple ways:
• Exchanging messages
• Group Messages for group therapies
• Speaking over the phone
• Video conferencing
• Connecting through other media that you feel comfortable with.

Can I stay anonymous?
When you fill our form we do not ask you for your full name but rather a “alias” created by you that will be used to identify you in the
system. All the data that you fill in the form or share with your psychologst or listener is protected by the confidentiality requirements of the
therapist’s board and licensure, similar to in-office therapy.

How can I connect with your website?
Connecting with us is easy! Simply go to the “Contact” tab on our website and fill out the form provided. Once you submit your information, we’ll get in touch with you. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you with any unnecessary emails.

What happens after I fill out the contact form?
After you submit the contact form, our team will review your message and respond as soon as possible. We aim to address your inquiries and provide assistance tailored to your needs.

Is my personal information safe when I submit the contact form?
Yes, we take your privacy seriously. Any personal information you provide through the contact form is securely stored and will not be shared with third parties without your consent. You can refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

How long does it take for your team to respond to inquiries?
We strive to respond to all inquiries promptly. Our team aims to get back to you within 24-48 hours from the time of submission, depending on the volume of requests we receive.

Can I reach out to your team for support or assistance with a product/service?
Absolutely! Whether you have questions, need assistance, or want to provide feedback, our team is here to help. You can use the contact form to reach out to us for any support-related inquiries.

Are there any other ways to contact your website apart from the contact form?
Yes, there are other ways to contact our website apart from the contact form. You can reach out to us through various channels such as Instagram, email, Facebook, or any other social links available on our “Contact” tab. We want to provide multiple options for communication, so you can connect with us using your preferred method. Feel free to use any of these channels to get in touch, and we’ll be glad to assist you!

What if I don’t receive a response after submitting the contact form?
We apologize if there is any delay in our response. Please ensure that you provided the correct contact information, including a valid email address, and check your spam/junk folder. If you still haven’t heard back from us, feel free to submit the form again or reach out through any alternative channels mentioned on our website.